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I love sports. Basketball is my second love to movies. Being that I lost my right leg, I don’t think about playing too much, but watching it, I’ll sit and watch kids playing basketball, women’s basketball, college basketball and the NBA. Yes, you read that right, I’m a certified GEEK that loves sports. The other parts that make me tick, it has to do with technology.

Chris Paul (CP3) is working on an upcoming app that will help improve your sports vision. He has partnered up with GlassesOff, a visual neuroscience technology company, focusing on enhancing visual process ability. Included in the announcement from GlassesOff, Paul spoke on the app and it’s potential:

“As a professional athlete, I know that vision speed is just as essential for on-court performance as running fast or jumping high. I’m proud and excited to be a part of this groundbreaking app that can potentially help players of all ages and all levels reach their potential.”

The app itself, created by a group of top neuroscientists, with the intention to aid Sports Vision Performance. It’s not going to help your physical ability, but it will help how you can survey (and process) the court and field, analyze the position of opponents, as well as completing any visual process necessary as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chris Paul (CP3) app
Chris Paul (CP3) app

Also in the release from GlassesOff:

Vision is the inception of every move made on the court, whether it is shooting a ball or blocking a pass. The critical impact vision speed has on sports performance led to the development of this innovative platform technology, which is intended to serve as a powerful tool in players’ training routines, on their way to realizing their full potential.

The CP3App will be available in both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Source: CP3App

Full Press Release: HERE


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