Crowdfunding | Boogie Dice – Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice!

This project might be the craziest dice you’ve seen as the Boogie Dice with a snap of your fingers will roll themselves. It’s modern technology to make your tabletop gaming experience more exciting.

Boogie Dice are the world’s first self-rolling, sound activated, programmable, gaming dice. Clap your hands, snap yours fingers or bang the table, and they will start to Boogie:


Boogie Dice is designed to be a universal gaming accessory, making it a replacement for any standard ‘static’ dice in any and all of your favorite games.


Each six-sided square Boogie Dice is packed with a microprocessor, vibration motor, microphone, rechargeable battery and some LED lights. Users will be allowed to program the settings through the website or the mobile app (Android and iOS compatible).

The settings include:

  • Sound Sensitivity;
  • Motion Sensitivity;
  • LED Behavior;
  • Timer (Roll duration);
  • and more…

What’s great about this dice is that it doesn’t require to pair or plug anything, it’s all done by sound! Simply Amazing!!!

The dices can handle a 30 minutes continuous roll game or 500 activations, and recharges under 40 minutes. Only 30 minutes? C’mon! If the dices run out of power, you can still roll them like any other dice or use your Custom Tabletop Gaming Dice.

On a full charge, Boogie Dice can roll up to 30 minutes continuously. That’s about 500 activations!

Each die is equipped with a powerful 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. To charge the dice, place them on the 3 metal charging pins on the charging station. The dice glow red throughout the charging period (approx. 40 min).

The campaign is FUNDED \o/ and still got 15 days to go! With a pledge of $22, you get 1 Boogie Dice of your choice + 1 double Charger. Plus ALL Stretch Goals.

A pledge of $45 also includes the Bots Battleground card game, which utilizes Boogie Dice’s unique features.

Bots Battleground is a fast-paced, real-time card game that was designed specifically to utilize the novel properties of Boogie Dice. In the game (3-6 players, ages 8 and up), players battle each other with bot cards, while the Boogie Dice dictate the duration and special rules of each round, and power tokens keep track of the score. Each game includes 1 specially designed Boogie Dice, 1 charger/arena, a deck of 60 unique bot cards, 40 power tokens and a rulebook.


It’s unlikely I’ll exchange my Custom Dices on my runs for Boogie Dice, but I must confess that some of the games are already waiting for it!!!


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