Fantastic Four returning to Marvel as far as movies are concerned

**UPDATE** It looks like that BRICK of salt I told you to take this rumor with, yeah, there was a good reason I said that. It seems as EW’s Anthony Breznican reached out to both Fox and Marvel Studios and the rumor has been debunked.

This is a HUGE rumor, so take it with a BRICK of salt! With the announcement of the Legion and Hellfire TV shows, it looks as if 20th Century Fox is allowing the Fantastic Four to return home to Marvel Studios! The most recent movie Fantastic Four didn’t do to well at the box office. It also looks as if Marvel gained the rights to villains Galactus, Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer. Apparently with those three mysterious movies announced for 2020 by Marvel, they have Fantastic Four planned as one of those movies.

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