Technology for net-less basketball goals

Geeks can be athletic, RIGHT? Growing up, I’d go play basketball at any place I could. I’d go play at parks, in gyms and I’d dribble my basketball everywhere I walked. The thing is, I always like hearing the net make that SWISH sound. Yes, I was that good (in my mind!). But the thing with going to play at a lot of parks, there weren’t any nets, due to wear and tear or the weather. Enter

Blacknet is a new product developed by players for players! Tired of playing at the local park with no net? Missing the “Swish” in your game? We got you.

Blacknet goes on in 5 seconds. Blacknet comes off in 2 seconds.

No poles or ladders. No climbing, hanging or boosting.

Your feet never leave the ground.

Made for serious Ballers and those that just like to have fun.

Would you play Tennis, Ice Hockey, Soccer, or Ping Pong with no net? Why play Basketball with no net?


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