Valve’s Steam Machines is coming to your Living Room

Valve’s Steam Machines is launching next month, on November 10th. Finally, the PC Gaming Experience is coming to the living room!

Steam Machines won’t be built by Valve, third part manufacturers will be pushing their own boxes packed with SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system designed by Valve, along with a Steam Controller.

Valve’s seeks to provide an easy and accessible pc gaming experience, like the consoles do, in your living room and let’s OEMs makes the hardware and compete in the market.

Steam BIG Picture already allows you to bring Steam gaming to your living-room, but for that you need a long HDMI cable to connect your PC from the desk too your TV or add a computer in your entertainment center. Problem solved lol


Engaged provided a complete review on the Alienware Steam Machine and Steam Controller that’s worth to check it out:

Say Hello to a new Era of gaming. No more consoles on the living room and pc gaming at a desk.

Steam Day is coming, get your living room ready!

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