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History’s Most Award-Winning Party Game Gets Epic! Wits and Wagers, by North Star Gameshave sold over a million copies and prepares now to bring a whole new experience with the EPIC GEEK EDITION and it needs your help to get funded at Kickstarter.

This version of the game features new questions based on all things Geeky! Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Batman, Star Trek, Dune, Avengers, it got everything we geeks love. Along with the questions, this version features custom artworks for the cards and also for the board.

With more than 40 awards and over a million copies sold, Wits & Wagers is one of the most beloved party games ever. Now we’ve made it better.

Wits & Wagers Epic Geek is the be-all, end-all version of our most popular game. Those who’ve never played before can jump right in with ease, and long-time players of the original game will discover a whole new experience.

Wits & Wagers Epic Geek Edition

What’s Different?

  • All new questions about the epic stories we love such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Stunning artwork: The back of each player board will feature gorgeous original art celebrating a geek genre. These illustrations are by some of the best artists in the industry.
  • Special in-game powers: Each player has a unique in-game power that adds a layer of social interaction to the game. This is what makes this edition EPICALLY fun to play!

The campaign is running for more 17 days and you can Back This Project HERE.

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