Dead Or Alive: The fate of Glenn!

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, “Thank You,” found Nicholas and Glenn trapped in an alley and stuck on a dumpster surrounded by a herd of walkers. Then Nicholas mutters, “Thank you,” before shooting himself and taking Glenn into the zombie herd with him. Then we see intestines ripped out and Glenn screaming.

That’s the end of the character? Was that scene real or just an hallucination by Nicholas?

The fans of the show are somehow divided on this issue, but most consider he’s alive! He’s a strong character and everybody loves it. But how he survived?

Glenn could have found safety under the dumpster, but let’s talk a bit to see if that’s even possible due to the circumstances of the scene.

  1. If we get back to the episode, it appeared that Nicholas ran out of bullets before they climb in the dumpster, while the herd was approaching. As Glenn is dropping his weapon for a knife we can hear a double click that indicates Nicholas gun ran out of bullets. So, how did he shoot himself?
  2. If Glenn is alive, then it must have been an hallucination. The scene shows the walkers tearing apart “Nicholas’s” body, but It’s hard to believe that Glenn was fully covered after the fall and somehow found safety without a bite or scratch.

Most theories goes with the fact that Glenn could have found safety under the dumpster and we can agree that could be possible, according to the image below.

The Dumpster
The Dumpster

But how can we explain their position after the fall?

The Fall
The Fall

How they rotated during the fall so Glenn’s head got close to that dumpster? See the image below that shows the drawing of the position of the bodies when they fall.

Source: Unknown

Now, how to explain Glenn’s head in that position? How he turned? Is that even possible in physics? lol

Glen’s probable death was brutal and nasty, a mistake as the character really deserved a heroic death close to his friends. If he’s alive, will be interesting to see how he survived as the survival has to make sense.

There’s actually only two theories to consider:

  1. The whole scene was just an hallucination;
  2. If the scene was real, someone must have showed up and called the attention of the walkers allowing Glenn to hide under the dumpster. Probably someone at the building with the fire escape barricaded.

The fate of the character remains uncertain as Episodes 4, 5 and 6 haven’t shown any sign of hope for Glenn and AMC is keeping the suspense for too long.

One think we might keep in mind: PEOPLE DIE IN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

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