In News We Could’ve Assumed… The Fantastic Four Edition

The Fantastic Four “situation” at Fox is something else. First, the reboot BOMBS, to put it delicately, and makes all of $56 million dollars domestically and $167 million world-wide on a movie that cost $120 million dollars to make. All of that and Fantastic Four 2 was originally scheduled for June 9th, 2017 and despite all the “bad” that came with this film, Fox kept repeating to the movie-going world that it was moving forward with the release of the sequel. TIL NOW!

Fox has removed Fantastic Four 2 from it’s release date schedule! We don’t know if Fantastic Four 2 is canceled altogether or if is just being given time to find life support…

Fantastic Four 2015 poster
Fantastic Four 2015 poster

The only thing I would assume here, is that Josh Trank won’t be returning to direct the sequel.



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