My thoughts on Creed

I want to start off by saying CREED is a solid movie, GO WATCH IT!

Now, from this point on, if you read this, know that there will be spoilers!

Still here? Okay, here we go…

Creed starts off by showing Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) getting ready for a fight, somewhere in Mexico. It has to be an illegal fight, because it’s in a bar. He gives and takes a few hits then goes for the “one hitter quitter.” What that means, he’s trying to knock the other box out! He does so successfully. The next day, he’s shown going into an office, where he works a normal 9 to 5, where he just got a promotion. He is living with Apollo Creed’s wife, Mary Anne Creed. He decides he wants to take on boxing full time and do it professionally. He puts in his resignation letter at work He then heads home and tells Mary Anne his decision. She tells him, “I won’t have a boxer living in my house,” in typical teenager/young man fashion, he replies, “I know, I’m leaving soon.” Adonis then goes on to watch YouTube videos of his father’s boxing matches. He knows every single punch, every single move and begins to shadow everything on the screen.

He heads to where Apollo’s son is a trainer. He throws down the keys to his Ford Mustang and challenges whoever will take him on. He gets in the ring and wins the first fight. The second fight, he might’ve taken on a bit more than he could chew, he gets knocked out.

Adonis heads to Philadelphia. He gets himself an apartment and is living with the “bare necessities.” He has a mattress on the floor and that’s about the gist of his furniture. He’s not there to live the luxurious life, he’s there to train, to try to make it in the professional boxing world. He’s awakened by loud music. The next morning, he heads to the gym where Rocky trained. He sees that the main trainer is only worried about the biggest fighter there, which just so happens to be his son.

Adonis wants to be the best and if nothing else, better than his dad, who was the best, so he seeks out Rocky Balboa at Adrian’s Restaurant, the restaurant named after his wife, who passed away in a previous Rocky movie, due to cancer. Put a pin in the fact that his wife died due to cancer, we’ll come back to that! He steps up to Rocky and calls him “unc.” Rocky asks, “did you just call me unc?” Adonis answers, “it’s either unc or o.g.” Rocky seems confused. He asks, “what is o.g.?” Adonis replies, “old ass gangster.” Rocky then says, “we’ll stick with unc then!” Rocky seems perplexed as to why Adonis is calling him “unc” and asks why. Adonis goes on to tell him that he’s Apollo Creed’s son from an affair. Rocky doesn’t believe him. So Adonis tells Rocky to call Mary Anne, with who he has been living with. And then Adonis drops a big one on Rocky, “oh that’s right, you haven’t spoken to her since the funeral. You haven’t called.” Rocky starts believing Adonis that he is Apollo’s son. Rocky then asks, “so why are you here?” Adonis explains his aspirations to become a boxer, but not only a boxer, the best boxer, better than his dad. Rocky tells Adonis that he’s not into boxing anymore, that he runs a restaurant and is has a lot on his plate that he deals with other than training someone.

Adonis starts training on his own. He sees what others are doing and starts to mimic them. He heads home to sleep and is again awakened by loud music, he heads downstairs to tell the person that they need to turn it down. The door opens and it’s Bianca. He tells her that the music is loud and she has a bit of a “Philly attitude” and shuts the door on him. He’s intrigued by her.

Adonis wakes up, starts training some more and then heads to Adrian’s Restaurant again, to try and talk Rocky into training him one more time. He touches Rocky in some way that makes Rocky change his tune about training him. But Rocky is still reluctant. So Adonis asks for a list of workouts or workouts that he can do that will help him, since Rocky won’t train him. Rocky obliges, he writes everything down on a clipboard. Adonis snaps a picture of it with his cell phone and gives Rocky back the clipboard with the paper on it. This is the point in the movie that really shows today’s generation and those of yesteryear and the differences between them. Technology has changed the way people live their daily lives. Adonis then runs off, to finish his jog.

Adonis runs by a club and sees a flyer with Bianca’s name on it and stops by. Bianca is a singer. The crowd is into the music and so is Adonis, but more-so focused in on Bianca.

Bianca has a tendency to play her music loud, no matter the time of day or night. Again, Adonis is awakened by loud music, he heads downstairs, but instead of only asking Bianca to turn down the music, he also asks her to show him around and maybe get something to eat. She hesitates and he walks away, but she yells at him to stop. She says she’d be willing to show him around and get a bite to eat.

Finally, Rocky agrees to train Adonis. They walk into Mickey’s Gym, where Rocky trained for all of his fights. The trainer that Adonis first talked to, noticed that Rocky walked in and stopped what he was doing, wondering why Rocky was walking with Adonis. He then asks Rocky for help with his son, as his son is undefeated and has potential to be big. Rocky says, “let me think about it,” his way of politely saying no, without actually saying no. Rocky and Adonis then start to workout.

Rocky and Adonis continue working out and training at Mickey’s Gym, the trainer and his son see something, a potential fight, so they can show Rocky that the son is worth investing time and energy into, plus they could make some money off of the fight. The trainer then asks Rocky, “what do you think about Adonis fighting my son?” Rocky’s immediate reaction, “No. He’s not ready.” Adonis is ready to show Rocky that he is made of the same stuff as Apollo Creed. Rocky doesn’t like it, but agrees to the fight. The fight will take place in 6 weeks. Adonis suggest moving in with Rocky so they can train early and often. Rocky agrees. Rocky then drives Adonis to his apartment to get his things, Bianca is at the window and thought they had hit it off and starts questioning why he is leaving.

The fight is about to happen. The trainer wants to talk to Rocky because he finds out who Adonis’s father is. Rocky asks him to keep it to himself, he obliges. The fight happens. It’s a good fight, but Rocky sees a weakness in the trainer’s son. He tells Adonis to throw a specific set of punches. Adonis knocks out the trainer’s son. Rocky, Bianca and Adonis talk right after the victory about what they’re going to do, everyone agrees, “we’re going to hit the town.” Cue to the shot of all three being asleep on the couch with ice cream in front of them, with the TV on. This is the epitome of getting old!!!

Word leaks out to the media that Adonis is Apollo Creed’s son. It hits the ESPN and all of it’s shows. ESPN’s talent questions whether or not Adonis could ever walk in Apollo’s shoes. Mary Anne sees the same thing that Adonis and Rocky see on ESPN. So does “Pretty” Ricky Conan’s agent, who then goes on to call Rocky, cause he is intrigued by the press that Adonis is getting from the media. Rocky says he’ll talk to Adonis about the fight that is offered, Conlan’s agent tells him he will give him a day to talk it over. Adonis is ready to accept the fight, but knows that Rocky doesn’t want him to. Adonis tells Rocky that he wants to be out of his father’s shadow and create his own identity in the world of boxing. So Rocky talks with Conlan’s agent and both agree to the fight, if Adonis agrees to take on the last name Creed. Adonis hesitates.

Creed poster
Creed poster

Adonis finally takes on the fight. Rocky starts training him. While in the ring with Adonis, Rocky gets sick and starts throwing up beside the ring. He also falls to his knees. Adonis rushes him to the hospital. Rocky doesn’t like the hospital, for everything he dealt with for his wife Adrian and for Paulie.  The doctor tells him he will be okay after he receives some more fluids and could go home and that he should follow up in a few days to see test results. Rocky continues training Adonis. He is late to the gym one day, while visiting the doctor who saw him at the hospital, he is told he has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a type of cancer. He is told of the ways he can fight the cancer. He declines all treatment, saying, “my wife did all of that and didn’t make it.” He walks out and heads to the gym. He trains Adonis some more. When they’re done training for the day, Adonis hurries to the locker room and finds Rocky’s jacket with the paperwork sticking out of the pocket from the doctor’s visit. He sees the pamphlet that says Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and starts asking Rocky when he’s going to start treatment. Rocky tells him that he doesn’t want treatment. He’s old, he’s ready to be with his wife, Paulie and Mickey. He doesn’t have any fight left in him. Adonis walks out extremely upset.

Rocky realizes the words that came out of his mouth after he said them. He didn’t mean for them to come out the way they did, but he was being honest with Adonis. Adonis heads to Bianca’s gig, which is a pretty big deal, she’s the opening act for a pretty big time performer. He’s late. Bianca sees something is wrong with Adonis, but he doesn’t want to kill her vibe, so he says “it’s nothing.” The headliner of the show starts talking to Bianca, Adonis takes offense to something that he says and words are exchanged and subsequently so are punches. Adonis lands in jail.

While in jail, Rocky gets a chance to visit Adonis because he “knows someone” at the jail. Adonis is quick to tell Rocky off and to leave. Rocky obliges after he finishes saying what he has to say.

Adonis realizes he messed up and heads to Bianca’s apartment to ask for forgiveness. She asks for some space. Adonis then heads to Rocky’s, where Rocky is having dinner. He tells Adonis to pull up a plate. They both agree that they need one another to survive. Rocky won’t make it without chemotherapy and Adonis won’t make it without Rocky. The way that Rocky takes on being sick, is AWARD WORTHY!

The fight against “Pretty” Ricky Conlan is about to happen. Rocky not-so-sneakily brings Bianca to Adonis’s room. Another gift is waiting for Adonis as he makes his way to his dressing room, Mary Anne has sent him some boxing shorts, similar to Apollo Creed’s, the difference being that CREED is on the front side and JOHNSON is on the back. The way the fight goes, is pretty brutal. I won’t ruin the end for you, since I pretty much ruined the rest of the movie…

What I will say is this: I hope Star Wars: The Force Awakens does what Creed did. What I mean by that, this is a continuation that shows the world changing, no evolving is the better word. Sylvester Stallone took on this role of Rocky Balboa in a different way, especially the parts where he is shown to be sick, it was unreal. Being close to someone that has had to deal with all of the parts of cancer and chemotherapy, they hit all of them points right on. To me, Creed might (so far) be MOVIE OF THE YEAR! Followed by Southpaw (yes, there are two boxing pictures back to back!) then Straight Out Of Compton and Bridge Of Spies. Michael B. Jordan might have been born to play the role of Apollo Creed’s son!


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