R2-D2 Moving Mini Fridge Trailer

A dream comes true! The classic Star Wars icon R2-D2 can now deliver your drinks. The R2-D2 moving refrigerator is coming…

The full length trailer of the R2-D2 moving mini fridge has finally arrived!!!

The mini fridge is available for preorder with deliveries to Japan only and a price tag of ¥998,000 (around $8k).

R2 D2 Moving Fridge 03

Each unit holds up to six cans, comes with a remote control, and has a battery life of around two hours when moving.

R2 D2 Moving Fridge 01

R2 D2 Moving Fridge 02

It’s indeed a dream come true and tempting to buy by any Star Wars fan. If you got t cash, go for it. This is just awesome!!!

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