Crowdfunding for Gaming

Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform, has been one of the most important things in the game industry for the past few years. Tabletop, board and cards games have stablished significant results on funding with many indie developers using this type of platform to achieve great success.

But Kickstarter is not only good for the developers of the games, it’s also a great way for players to get involved on the development of new games and an excelent opportunity to get exclusives available only for backers before and after its release.

2015 Year In Review


The year of 2015 saw numerous video game Kickstarter campaigns making headlines, but the true winner last year on gaming crowdfunding last year was TABLETOP!!!!

According to the 2015 crowdfunding data released by Kickstarter, Tabletop games raised over $88 million while video games raised over $46 million in pledges.

The most succesfull campaign was the card game Exploding Kittens that accounted roughly 10 percent of the total raised by tabletop games and became the most backed project in Kickstarter history, while holding the record as the most funded games project ever.

Zombicide: Black Plague is now the current reigning king in board games after a summer success that ended with more than 20,500 who pledged nearly $4.1 million to hold the record for most funded board game.

In terms of funded campaigns, Tabletop games also beats video games with 1,396 succesfully funded tabletop Kickstarter campaigns against 374 funded video games campaigns. On the backers statistics, the numbers were close with 8 percent difference in favor of tabletop games that accounted 522,061 backers against 480,382.

Less development time, lower chance of overall failure and no technological limitations can explain the success and popularity of physical games over video games on Kickstarter. This definately shows that Tabletop Games are experiencing a major cultural moment and that more is to come in 2016.

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