Anime ‘Sword Art Online’ becoming soon a VR MMO Game

IBM Japan is using its systems Cognitive Computing Tech and Softlayer Cloud Computing to bring ‘Sword Art Online‘ into a VR game experience, creating a virtual environment that feels like the real world. Sword Art Online: The Beginning is a Massive Multiplayer Online – MMO, VR game based on the the popular anime series of the same name.

Unlike previous games based on the SAO franchise, Sword Art Online: The Beginning will bring Virtual Reality experience to be played by wearing a VR headset.

IBM will held a special event in Tokyo, Japan, on March 18 and March 20, for a lucky 208 participants. Applications are now being accepted and the lucky 208 winners will be randomly selected. All these 208 participants will play alongside others in a virtual space created by IBM on this so-called “Alpha Test” event, with the objective to showcase the potential of IBM Cognitive Computing on gaming.


Sword Art Online: The Beginning Project Trailer

Playing MMORPG in Virtual Reality will be trully revolutionary. Release date not confirmed yet and we should get more information on next month event.

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SOURCE  SlashGear

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