Cosplay Sunday Pokémon 20 Special Edition

On this last Saturday, February 27th, Pokémon Franchise celebrated its 20th Anniversary since its first appearance back in 1996 on the Game Boy platform with Pokémon Red & Green games in Japan.

Enjoy this special collection of Pokémon Cosplays, selected by our team, from cosplayers on Instagram, deviantArt community and Cosplay Amino community.

Pokemon – Leafeon by beethy  [1][2][3] (Cosplayer: Jessica nigri)| deviantArt

Pokemon – Umbreon by beethy  [1][2][3][4] (Cosplayer: Jessica nigri)| deviantArt

Pokemon – Meowth by JessicaUshiromiyaSan  [1][2][3] | deviantArt

Pokemon Gijinka – Lugia and Ho-Oh by Amapolchen | deviantArt


Pokemon Red by Zettai-Cosplay | deviantArt


Pokemon Red by PriSuicun | deviantArt


Pokemon Red and Green by aoisorae | deviantArt


Eveelutions by DYuki | deviantArt


Pokemon Day by Haley Doll on Cosplay Amino

Serena Cosplay by Reign Cosplay on Cosplay Amino

Pikachu by Drina Lee | Drini on Cosplay Amino

Pokemon Trainer by ShiroiOji Cosplay on Cosplay Amino

Eeveelution Group by Arlena Fae on Cosplay Amino

Pokemon Red by Kirakatss Copslay on Cosplay Amino

Happy 20th anniversary Pokemon! 🌞

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⚡ so electric, much yellow, wow 📷@nelsphotos

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#Pokemon 😀 photo by @fakenerdboy costume made by me! #jessicanigri #cosplay

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Featured Image is Valkyreevees Cosplay by keikei11




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