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Anime Soundtracks are a master piece on an Anime Series and sometimes the music can relate to real life stories.

This is the case of Ayla-Chan, from Anime Amino community, that created an Anime Playlist with a narrative telling parts of her life that fits with the songs provided on the playlist.

Let’s check out this journey, enjoy!

The Songs That Made Me

Okay, I know that there isn’t that much to tell considering that I haven’t been around for more then 16 (almost 17) years, but let me start at the very first memory I have.

This is a happy memory from when I was a little child, and with that I mean really a young kid. Me and my niece, who’s the same age as me, were playing together.

We couldn’t really speak yet, so we just made weird noises to each other and, as if the other understood it, she replied.

I remember that we were playing outside and “talking” to each other all day, adults were saying that we were more like sisters than cousins. It’s not from a specific situation but that’s the first (general) memory I have.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ending 1

Alright, I chose this because first of all it makes me happy.

Just to make things clear, no, I’m not in love with my niece, but as the song says, I don’t just like her. I do love her because we’re family. I believe that this song fits in with this memory perfectly because of the melody that instantly makes me happy and because of the lyrics. Some lines don’t match up with this, but most of them do.

I love my niece and we still have an amaxing bond.

Now to go further with my story, I think that the next memory I have that fits a song was when I went to middle school. The first years were fun, I had my friends who always backed me up and who supported me with me. Plus, in our middle school everyone knew each other and we were all, in the beginning, friendly with each other and all had fun.

Free season 1 ending

Okay, i added this song here because it reminds me of the middle school days.

Everyone was happy and were friends with each other.

I felt so free and happy those days that I always had a smile on my face, which this song gives me.

But then the last 1-2 years of middle school went downhill.

People grew apart and started to hang out more with kids if their own personality because they found themselves in each other. That’s when I started to get bullied.

I was bullied for the smallest reasons and it happened a lot that I came home crying.

Even my best friend at the time started bullying me, not that I didn’t have any friends who helped me, but it still hurt.

However, I never cried in front of them because in my eyes that felt weak. So I was brave and tried to ignore it as much as possible.

K-project opening

This song fits perfectly because it literally says ‘Be Brave’. The song is something that reminds me of those times, but not in a negative way. It reminds me that I got through it.

But we all know that a young child breaks at some point. My breaking point was in the first year of highschool I believe.

I was still bullied, and it didn’t help that some of the idiots from my middle school were also in my class.

I got punched and pushed around a lot, people called me names and basically crushed my selfesteem. I think that sometimes I still have troubles with being confident in myself, but then it was seriously awfull. I didn’t believe I had the capability to do anything anymore and as result of my breaking point I started to keep everything for myself. I wanted to tell people how I felt, but I never had the courage to do so. It’s safe to say that I lost my smile at that point.

Amnesia opening

This song is in my opinion a silent cry for help, or something like that.

I feel that it fits perfectly with my problem, the fact that I wanted to express my feelings but I didn’t know how or I was scared to do so.

My family and friends were there for me at that time to get me through it.

They kept on telling me to smile and even though most of them didn’t know the problem, they still tried to help to the best of their abilities.

Phrases like “it’ll be fine” and “you’ll show them if you keep going” stuck with me and helped me out a lot.

Ginga Densetsu Weed opening

Alright this song fits in with this because I always get the feeling that my family says “keep going” and such when I hear this.

It gives me courage in a way.

Eventually, I came at a point where I just said ‘Fuck it’ (excuse my language)

I moved on and started growing a spine, in figure of speech. I never told people how I felt exactly, not even at this point, but I no longer let others push me around.

I stood up for myself and told myself that this world is fucked up, but it can’t keep me down forever.

Ao no exorcist opening 1

Fairy Tail theme song

These two songs are literally the voice of that moment in my life. I feel strong and ready to take on the world when I hear them. It resembles the switch that I made in my life.

From that moment, things started to be better. I went to school with gradually more confidence and I started being me again. I laughed again and I wanted to help a lot of people. I still do.

But I never became someone who wants to be in the spotlight, however, I did become more proud of myself.

Angel beats opening

This song makes me happy and a bit sad, because it reminds me of what I’ve been through and who I became. It gives me the chills and I always humm along.

And here we are now.

I turned out to be pretty good, I guess.

I mean yeah, I’m weird and socially awkward at times, but I came out of that “hellhole” in my life.

I am me now and I’m happy about it.

My friends stood by me during every hard situation in my life and even though I’m an emotional person, I finally learned how to stand up for myself and how to voice my own opinion.

Romeo x Juliet opening

This song is for everyone who helped me out in my life. Without them, I don’t know where I would be. I love every last one of them and am glad that there were people in my life who helped me.

I never told my entire life story like this, so I have to be honest, I was doubting if I wanted to upload it just because this is a whole part of my life that I never had the courage to say. But since I promised myself, I uploaded it anyway.

Music will always be my savior and my way to escape from reality when I need it.

I want to tell everyone out their who is dealing with issues in their life, that things get better if you keep going. Everything will be fine if you keep moving on and if you find the courage to keep going.


Thanks Ayla for sharing with us this fantastic playlist blended with life stories.

Songs That Made Me

Original Content: Ayla-Chan | Anime Amino

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