Dawn of Justice: Should You Trust The Critics ?

Bringing 27.7 million dollars to the box office opening night in the US alone, Dawn of Justice left many running to the theatre this weekend. So what did I think of the highly anticipated film?

Let’s break it down a little and explore some of the biggest concerns and doubts on people’s minds going into the film. Was the cast selection the best choice for a film of this caliber, and does Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, and Gal Gadot, did they bring their full potential to the film?? ‎Did Henry Cavill prove us wrong after bad backlash after Man of Steel?

Let’s start with Ben Affleck (Batman), despite the negative backlash when Ben was cast as batman, he brilliantly embraced the role bringing us more of an emotional, angry and sadistic side of Batman. Which in essence is the true Batman in all his glory. From his overall look, smug attitude and talented acting skills he made his mark memorable and left us with a fantastic impression. He literally owned this role, hands down the best to be cast for Batman yet!

Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luther), okay I will be honest here, at first, I was skeptical about Jesse playing Lex Luther, despite that he blew me away. His character was like the calm before the storm – literally!! Calm to crazy on the fly of a hat, but it was effortless and perfected amazingly. Lex had me on the edge of my seat, in almost every one of his scenes. That’s how any villain should ‎appear in any film.

Oh, the lovely, and gorgeous Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman). Loved the mysterious vibe she carried throughout the film. Yes, she is a tad tiny for Wonderwoman, but she still made it work and perfectly portrayed the role. The girl can kick some serious ass, and her confidence is empowering. After seeing Wonderwoman in action in Dawn of Justice , I cannot wait to see what else the Amazonian Princess has in store for us. Plus dudes, she’s extremely easy on the eyes.

Let’s focus on Superman, Henry Cavill really stepped it up in Dawn of Justice. Although I found Man of Steel fairly good overall, he brought his A-game this time around. He was charming, alluring but brought some powerful scenes to the film.

Overall thoughts on the movie itself, the word amazing doesn’t do it justice when describing this film. If you haven’t seen it or aren’t so sure. Please just go see it! The storyline was great, I can see how some scenes may have had some scratching their heads, but don’t forget Justice League could potentially answer some of those questions. I will definitely write a more in-depth blog on the storyline, but let’s wait until most have seen the film. The battle scenes are epic and kept me wanting more. A perfect amount of humour added into the mix and the film had me feeling a ton of different emotions throughout. I hope to hit up this movie at least once more if not a couple more times before it comes out of theatres.

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice gets a big thumbs up from this girly geek!! 🙂

Let me know if you agree or disagree and why in the comments below !

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2 thoughts on “Dawn of Justice: Should You Trust The Critics ?

  • March 26, 2016 at 2:23 PM

    I pretty much agree on every point.
    Stoic and brooding Bruce Wayne really sold it for me. I’m a big Batman fan and I thought Ben Affleck was awesome in the role, right up there with Christian Bale.
    I love watching Batman fight. His moves are deliberate and thunderous.

    I didn’t read any reviews of the film prior to seeing it today because it didn’t want someone’s idea of a good action flick to ruin mine. And I’m glad I didn’t because I thought the movie was awesome and highly recommend it.

    Nice write up. I just learned you had a blog. Good to know.

    • March 26, 2016 at 4:29 PM

      First post actually and thank you!! I was the polar opposite. Went in with low expectations because of critics and now I shake my head wondering what they didn’t see?


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