First Look at Pokémon GO Gameplay

Niantic cancelled the first look gameplay on GDC 2016 to get the Field Testing in action later this month in Japan. But Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke surprised us all with a footage of PokemonGo Gameplay during a panel at SXSW titled “The Future of AR Is Already in Your Pocket”.

In the short video we see an overlay of Google Maps with a Pokémon Trainer that encounters an Ivysaur outside the Austin Convention Center, which he fails to catch with a Poké Ball, succeeding later with a stronger poke ball.


Interesting to see how the augmented reality was in use while aiming and throwing the poke ball by moving the phone around.

Excited for PokémonGo? Field Testing in Japan is about to begin, so we should see more of the game surface.

See a complete breakdown of the video at FevGames.

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