If you Haven’t Read Marvel Secret Wars, You Need To

Ok, so Marvel comics have been in somewhat of a transition period for a little while now, ill explain in a moment what I mean. But first, let me take a moment to explain a crucial difference between how the marvel universe and the DC universes work. DC Comics since their new 52 story arc has a very obvious 52 different parallel universes. Now that might sound absolutely crazy, but the Marvel multiverse is literally unlimited. Thousands upon thousands of universes. Some are slightly different, others vastly different.

Secret wars pick up where the new avengers and the avengers by John Hickman took off, and with the fear of revealing too much about both series I’m going to keep it rather short. With the New Avengers/Avengers, it was teased that the marvel multiverse was dying. That the main 616 and ultimate 1610 universes were included in that. Marvel will never be the same.

Enter Secret Wars, get ready to have your mind blown because I know mine was reading secret wars. I can certainly say there were moments that made me tear up with joy. Expect the unexpected and expect to see things that you have never seen before. This is one of Marvels more complicated stories, yes, but that’s part of its charm and makes it an absolute joy to read. Being complex makes it feel more believable and real

Secret Wars gets my full recommendation. if you have read it, let me know if you feel the same way or not. remember no spoilers in the comments, they will be deleted.

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