Pokémon Go Field Test In Japan Reveals Details

Niantic Labs released the Pokémon Go Field Test in Japan and initial leaks reveals more details about the game!


The three teams players will be able to join are base on the original game names: Red, Blue and Yellow.

All available Pokémons available at launch are 151 Pokémon from 1st generation.

Each player will be able to create your own Trainer, but won’t get a initial Pokémon like in previous games of the series. Trainers will have to go outside and hunt for a Pokémon to catch it with a Poké Ball.


Each Pokémon features a certain amount of “Capture Points”, where indicates how hard it is to get caught. No battles is available in order to catch a Pokémon, the Poké Ball type will indicate t success rate. Besides that, there’s a cycle of Pokémon available during day and night!

Battles occur between Trainers and on the Gym. When fighting trainers, your character will gain points to level up and badges, such as Novice on level 5, Trainer on level 10, Leader on level 25 and Professor on level 50. According to your level, you’ll be able to hold more Pokémon and items.

Apparently the battle system has been simplified with no special damage like poison. All battles cause just the regular damage and during battles at a Gym, you’ll be limited to use only two (2) types of action. Every battle win awards players with “Evolution Shards” that can turn into an Evolution Stone at some advanced stage and can be used to take the Pokémon to the next evolution stage available.

According to the leaks, Android version is about 48 mb and features in-app purchases of items with real cash purchases.

There’s also medals after achieving some tasks, such as quantities of Pokémon caught, walking distances, participating on battles an more, just like we see on Ingress.

Video Gameplay

That’s it for now. We will soon release a special section on NBGEEK with all information available for PokémonGo.

via Gematsu; Centro Pokémon

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