Ahead of it’s movie, The Angry Birds has a new game set to release

It looks like Rovio Entertainment is releasing a new game from the Angry Birds collection to tie-in with their upcoming The Angry Birds Movie. The game is titled Angry Birds Action! Angry Birds Action! will not only tie-in with the movie, but also be used as a marketing tool.

In sorts, Angry Bird Action! is a prequel to The Angry Birds Movie. The new game will make use of a new feature, “BirdCodes.” More than 24 BirdCodes are already in place across merchandise and promotional materials, which can be scanned via the Angry Birds Action! game to reveal augmented-reality bonuses and mini-games. Rovio Entertainment is working with Zappar, who is an augmented-reality platform provider, in conjunction, will release over 1 billion BirdCodes in the near future.

One of the interesting BirdCodes, at least to me, is when you scan the BirdCode inside the instructions to an Angry Birds LEGO set, it will reveal a virtual version of the LEGO set that you can interact with. There are also BirdCodes on the poster for The Angry Birds Movie.

While this all seems like a lot, there’s still more! McDonald’s will be having BirdCodes on their Happy Meals, drink cups, wrappers and trayliners. H&M apparel will have BirdCodes on their clothing. Angry Birds Movie PEZ dispensers will allow you to fling PEZ candies at pigs a la Angry Birds Games.

There is still one more BirdCode that is being called a “game changer.” It will be at the end of The Angry Birds Movie, which will unlock the notorious pigs, a definite incentive to go see The Angry Birds Movie in theaters.

There will also be a hidden credits watermark, of the Marvel variety, that will activate with an inaudible watermark, where you won’t have to sit and wait for the scene after the movie is over.

Angry Birds Action!
Angry Birds Action!

The Angry Birds Movie hits theaters on May 20th!

Source: Variety

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