Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Spoiler Edition

With high box office numbers rolling in,  it’s obvious that many have seen Dawn of Justice in the last week. Garnering mixed reviews, most fans loved it, while critics destroyed it. But with the dough rolling in and its being # 1 at the box office, this movie was a smashing success for DC. What people don’t get, is when reviews and critics write negative reviews about a movie, people go running to see what all the backlash is about. Im not about get into why I loved the film , as I have already written a review for the movie. There’s a couple things people need to consider with Dawn of Justice, so many didn’t like it because it was confusing and some things were not fully explained. You cannot go into a film that’s meant to open up to other films and explain it all, it just doesn’t work. Something else that needs to be understood, the movie is nicely written to go by the comics. That is why DC comic book fans have a different appreciation for the film, we just have a different perspective.

Here’s the fun part for any geek. Let’s talk about the movie!! What happened?? What went down??’There’s a few key parts I’d like to go over for now.

The movie starts off explaining the story behind Bruce Waynes parents, and then skipping to where we left off in Man of Steel. Easily one of my top three favorite scenes in the movie where Bruce is intently running through Metropolis taking in all the damage the Man of Steel has forced upon the city. Then Bruce saves a little girl who is standing face to face in front of the building that took her mother, obviously cause by Superman himself. This is a very strong part in the movie for me, why?? He relates to this little girl , you see Bruce’s rage, its an intense opener for the movie and sets the impression off right from the beginning. Probably Ben Affleck strongest scene in the movie.

Another scene I’d like to discuss, is the most controversial scene in the movie “the dream sequence”. Lex Luthor begins orchestrating ways to turn Batman against Superman finding ways to aggravate them, and it’s getting into Bruce’s head. Keep in mind, at this point Superman’s reputaion is being questioned, does he bring more bad than good after a series or events plotting against him? Batman has this dream and flash appears with a message, according to Zac Snyder this dream sequence “may” be an impressionistic view of the future. In this dream Flash comes with warnings for Batman, mind you we can expect to understand more of this dream and its meaning explained in the Justice League to be released late 2017.  This is what Zac Snyder had to say about this dream.

“Let’s just say this, I think it’s OK to look at the extended dream sequence as an impressionistic view of a possible future. And that’s not hard to—I mean that’s in the sequence; I’m not spoiling anything or making up anything that you should see. So the connection with The Flash part of that sequence, you can speculate whether he’s coming from that reality or another one. That’s the fun stuff to try and figure out exactly what Flash is saying to Bruce and what it means. We know, so we’re not making it up.”

Lets turn our focus a bit on how Wonderoman takes part in Dawn of Justice, Diana ( Wonderwoman) ends up “Barrowing” a flash drive that has information Batman needs. When he gains access of this flash drive, he learns something about Diana he wasn’t expecting. Not only is this mysterious woman over a hundred years old, but shes a kick-ass amazonian princess! Yes, we all saw this coming, this isn’t a suprise, but more unfolds later on.

So things really begin to take a turn when Lex Luthor ends up making a deal with the US Government and gains access to the Kryptonian Ship and General Zod’s body for experimentation. He later then puts General Zod’s body in the genisis chamber and mixes his blood with General Zod’s to create an abomination (Doomsday).

So the battle we’ve all be discussing and anticipating for years, how does it all unfold?

Lex Luthor fully takes advantage of what he knows could turn the two against one another best, Supermans mom, Martha. In Lex’s efforts to see Batman dead, he gives Superman an ultimatum. Bring me Batman dead or Martha dies, this is what leads us into the final battle scene between Batman V Superman. At this point Batman can’t wait to get his hands on Superman, fully believing hes a threat. Superman shows up trying to explain the situation but Batman isn’t having it and the battle unfolds. The two go at it, both taking hits at eachother, Batman uses a 40mm grenade launcher with kryptonite dust to take down Superman. Batman gets his opportunity to make the kill using a spear with a Kryptonian blade, Superman calling it defeat but begging that Batman at least saves his mother. Lois Lane ends up showing up just in time to better explain Supermans reasoning behind saying “Save martha”, Lois cries out to Batman, “Martha is his mother” . This getting Batmans attention, Superman gets the opportunity to explain everything to Batman. Now things are taking a different turn.

Batman sets off to save Supermans mother while Lex Luthor has a surprise waiting for Superman at the Kryptonian Ship. “Here is your… Doomsday” says Lex as the abomination breaks free. Now Superman battles it out with Doomsday, truly an epic battle full of intense moments. After Batman saves Martha, he notices the feud between Superman and Doomsday and offers up some help. Thats right guys!!! At this point, they are now working together. Amazing!!!  As the battle heats up, someone else makes an appearance just in the nick of time, Wonderwman is ready to kick some Doomsday ass. The three start batteling it out against Doomsday, Lois then remembers the Spear that was used on Superman earlier on and heads back to grab it. With Superman’s help they get their hands on the spear to use against Doomsday. Unfortunately at this point Superman knows it’s his chance to save the day, but at a cost. With Wonderwomans lasso wrapped around Doomsday, Superman drives the Spear into Doomsday. Doomsday then drives one of his spikes into Superman’s heart, now remember what is on the other end of that spear, a kryptonite blade. Both Doomsday and Superman end up dying. This is where I mentioned in the beginning that this flows nicely to how the comics go. At Superman’s funeral, Bruce and Diana discuss the importance of finding the others, that being the other members of the Justice League. Perfect way to open up to the Justice League in 2017, it will be interesting to see it all unfold.

The last part I wanna discuss is the end when Jesse (Lex Luthor) goes to jail and he starts saying how the bell has already rung what do you think that means?? It definitely has me thinking for Justice League. How do you think Superman will come back into play for the Justice League? What will we learn and see in the Wonderwoman movie? I do know one thing, DC has me curious to see more, and I will definitely be anticipating what’s next.

I’d love your theories on how you think this will all go down.

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