Black Holes: Portals to a parallel universe?

Black holes for dummies; A black hole is a void in space which has the ability to suck in all matter due to it’s nature of a very strong gravitational pull, even light doesnt escape it’s pull. It is usually formed as a result of a collapsing star.
I just thought to point that out before proceeding any further.
According to award winning English theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking while delivering a lecture recently at Harvard University made the theoretical claim that a black hole could indeed be the doorway or portal to a parallel universe.
Now this takes me back to Sci-fi movies and shows such as The One, Parallels, Interstellar, Star trek and Futurama, it gets me thinking “what if there’s actualy a race or civilisation at the other end of this portal that has been in existence for billions of years?
I mean as a geek you cannot help but wonder the possible locations of these so called black holes, the distance between earth and the closest black hole and if we are in danger of getting sucked into one.
Well the good news is we are in no way of any danger of getting consumed by a black hole because the closest ones are several thounsands of lights years away extremely far away that they do not have any effect on our Solar system.
Stephen Hawking at his lenghty lecture suggested that black holes neither store materials absorbed by them nor physical information about the object that created them.
Before putting the final full stop on this article i need to remind you that this is only a theory and not a hard proven fact before you begin to expect an alien invasion through a wormhole sooner or later.

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