Crowdfunding | Emergence Board Game

Crowdfunding | Emergence Board Game

One of the greatest achievements in science is Artificial Intelligence, despite our fear with Skynet. Emergence is a game of Teamwork and Deception , in a battle between humans and A.I.

In Emergence, players act as Operatives for either the Artificial Intelligence security forces or the Human rebels.

Assimilate data and gain knowledge in this amazing futuristic board game for 3-6 players, ranging in about 45-90 minutes per gameplay.


Emergence is a 3-6 player game of teamwork, deception, and strategic resource collection set in a dystopic future pitting Artificial Intelligence operatives against Human saboteurs.

Emergence, the boardgame comes with:

  • 24 Hex Tiles
  • 60 Data Blocks
  • 6 Allegiance Cards
  • 6 Playerboards
  • 6 Operative Meeples
  • 6 Action Markers
  • 1 Leader Card
  • 2 Exchange Rate Cards
  • 85 Knowledge Tokens
  • 1 Assimilate Knowledge Box
  • 1 Operative Manual [ Rulebook ]


Your individual moves and strategic decisions on the gameboard matter as much as your persuasion skills.

The objective of the game is to move around the board collectingdata blocks (resources) that can then be compiled (converted) into knowledge tokens. These knowledge tokens can beassimilated to score victory points for your team, or to perform player actions.


Since the Humans are in the minority, they know who their fellow teammates are and employ deception and persuasion to hide their true identities. On the other hand, the A.I. players use their deduction skills to identify their fellow teammates and to root out the Humans. However, knowing is simply not enough, you must still accomplish your objective. Trust no one.

This is not your ordinary deduction and strategy game. In order to expose the humans rebels and outmaneuver their operatives you will need cunning, teamwork, and deduction.

The campaign is successfully funded with over 5x the pledged amount and has 8 more days to go.

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