Crowdfunding | TECHNO BOWL: Arcade Football Unplugged

This Kickstarter campaign is for the lovers of nostalgia of the old american football video games and NFL fanatics!

This epic board game emulates the classics of a 8-bit football video game like Tecmo Bowl, translated into a Tabletop.

Forget about expensive game systems, emulators, disconnected online games, and high-priced yearly roster updates. TECHNO BOWL takes everything you love about arcade and video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden and puts it all on the tabletop.

Techno Bowl delivers the authentic football feel like no other game has accomplished so far, and allows players to create their own formations and plays. No matter which strategy you choose, the gameplay will look, feel, and flow like a real football play.


Before any stretch goals are unlocked, the box contains: 1 tri-fold game board [14 inches x 28 inches], 256 player tokens, 2 classic 8-BIT controller card stands, 40 scoreboard number tokens, 12 yellow time tokens, 12 fire tokens, 4 down markers, 2 wooden pixel footballs, 4 target tokens, 1 team guide, 1 rulebook, 1 scoreboard [7.75 x 9.25 inches], 6 six-sided dice, 20 clear plastic token stands, and 104 player cards.


There is five gameplay modes, each offering a completely different game experience:

  • TECHNO is 7-vs-7 with no skills and no field goals.
  • ALL TECHNO is 7-vs-7 with skills but no field goals.
  • INFERNO! It’s ALL TECHNO with more awesome and fire!
  • PRO is 8-vs-8 with no skills but includes field goal rules.
  • ALL PRO is 8-vs-8 with skills and field goal rules.
Rubberized playmat and wooden pixel block time and timeout tokens on the scoreboard.
Rubberized playmat and wooden pixel block time and timeout tokens on the scoreboard.

It’s very dynamic and immersive, delivering the excitement and drama of a football game.

Back this project HERE and help it become reality. If you are a American Football fanatic and old school Tecmo Bowl player, this is the project for you.


The project accounts 130 backers so far and will run for another 27 days.

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