First look at The Punishers comic book series – Images Included

We’ve finally got a first look at Marvel’s new book series, The Punisher # 1. Written by Gotham Academys Becky Cloonan and iconic Punisher art by Steve Dillon.

Here’s a little glimpse on what to expect from the series:

“A by-the-numbers drug bust is about to take Frank Castle by surprise – and he HATES surprises. There’s a new drug hitting the streets. One that has the ability to create unstable super soldiers. As the threads begin to pull loose, the man behind the drug’s startling connection to The Punisher is revealed. An old associate from Frank’s military days has resurfaced. But as he follows the trail of drugs and bodies deeper and deeper into the Northeast’s heart of darkness – has Frank Castle truly met his match?”

Here’s a sneak peek at some pages.

punisher number 1 the-punisher-1-preview-2-177661 the-punisher-1-preview-3-177662the-punisher-1-bradstreet-hip-hop-variant-177656


The Punisher will go on sale in May! Who is excited to get their hands on this? I know I am!

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