Geek of the Week: Ali Spagnola

Ali Spagnola is a pop/rock/electro musician but this pretty geek has also gotten a few other sweet things up her sleeve. She created a power hour drinking game that is supposedly a lot of fun. Ali released an album that has 60 one-minute songs that are also a drinking game. Also Ali created several ringtones shipped on multiple Android phones, pretty impressive.



Here’s a few other interesting facts about Ali Spagnola:

  • Ali has released four self-published albums
  • In 2008, Ali started a project called Free Paintings. She takes requests online through email about what she should paint
  • Her full name is Alicia Dawn Spagnola
  • Some of Ali’s music has been featured on MTV’s The Real World and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club


Check out Ali on her Social Media Accounts Below

Twitter: @alispagnola  –  Instagram: @alispagnola or her full website here


She also has a YouTube Channel : Check out one of her videos and Subscribe.



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