Problems for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment/DC Comics

If the waters were ever calm, so to speak, for Warner Bros and DC Entertainment/DC Comics in their cinematic universe, ripples were caused by the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and subsequent start of production on The Justice League Part One, now there have been waves caused in that proverbial water.

Warner Bros. logo
Warner Bros. logo

It looks like Warner Bros. is trying to make at least some sort of change and director Zack Snyder isn’t happy.

The Flash movie has lost it’s director. Seth Grahame-Smith has decided to part with Warner Bros. due to “creative differences. That’s like when people divorce and the reasoning is “irreconcilable differences.” This has happened before though in the Comic Book/Superhero world. Look at Ant-Man and Edgar Wright. Ant-Man was both a critical and commercial success. The Flash movie will keep Grahame-Smith’s script. But, this time, it’s not the same situation.

On top of that already happening, it looks like James Wan isn’t currently seeing eye to eye with Warner Bros. as far as the Aquaman movie is concerned. He already has The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out set to hit movie theaters, so he might not stick around is what it looks like to Devin Farci of Birth.Movies.Death.

“According to multiple, reliable sources James Wan is feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman.”

Which, after Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it only makes sense that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment/DC Comics would like to make sure they have both the critics and fans on their side of things for the foreseeable future. They have the Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League Part One, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, Justice League Part Two, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps on the horizon.

The Suicide Squad movie looks like the only hope right now, being that no one knows how Wonder Woman will be accepted, well at least until Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie comes to fruition. Which looks to be something that Warner Bros. is trying to fast-track.

DC Entertainment logo
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