You might never see a PlayStation 5 according to Sony

Well that’s a bummer but wait, could Sony be unto something?
According to Lorne Lanning a game veteran who asked PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida at the DICE event to give him some specifics on what to expect on the PlayStation 5 and this was his response;
“I said, ‘What does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ And he said, ‘You mean if…’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. Are you willing to say that on stage?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it’s an if.”
“It was a really interesting thing; he didn’t give me a clear answer, but he’s hinting at, ‘We need to be more agile, none of us know what the future really looks like so how do we adapt to it faster?'” Lanning said. “To me, that’s the way he was sort of thinking about it, which I think is the right way think about it.”
So what are we to expect in place of PS5?
Well there’s a rumor that Sony and Microsoft are working on a new piece of Hardware and Lanning is in support of it.

AA Goni

All you gotta know is am more Android than Apple though i got both. Also more Xbox than PS though i got both.

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