Captain America: Civil War’ Opens to Huge $200.2M Overseas

In the world of comics, Marvels Civil War was a big deal, it pitted friends against friends in a politically fueled feud that seen its share of casualties. Now jump the Marvels cinematic universe, and it seems Captain America: Civil War is shaping up to be just as huge. As it’s already brought in a whopping 200.2 million dollars overseas. Captain America: Civil war launches in theaters in Canada, USA, China, and Russia this Friday so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to see some records likely be broken.

Captain America: Civil war is currently sitting with a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. (If that holds, it will be the best-reviewed Marvel film to date.)

The film sees the Avengers fractured into opposing factions when the government wants to intervene and control the superheroes. One faction is led by Captain America, and the other by Iron Man.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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