Queen Geeks Civil War Review **Spoilers**

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to see “Captain America: Civil War.” Overall, it was a good movie in my book, but it definitely had some major flaws.
 Let’s start off with some of the high points. There were a few characters I really enjoyed, Black Panther and Spider-Man, who stole the whole movie, hands down. Marvel has me anticipating “Spider-Man Homecoming” quite a bit, which is big coming from me because I’m honestly not a huge Spider-Man fan. Although they completely murdered Black Panther’s back story from the original comics, he was a fantastic touch to the movie. Chris Evans was enjoyable and charming in every scene, and Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly polished as usual. The comedy in the movie was very enjoyable, very typical for these Marvel characters. My favorite scenes of the movie for me would have to be the battle scene at the end between Captain America and Iron Man and the scene where Tony Stark visits Peter Parker to try to persuade him into joining his team.
 I’m now going to shift my focus and discuss what I didn’t like about Civil War. I’m a tad confused as to why they named this a Captain America film instead of an Avengers film. Not sure whether it’s a dead giveaway for the ending of the film or just to spark curiosity in fans, but so many other characters made this film what it is. I found the battle scene at the beginning with Black Widow in Nigeria really hard to watch; it was shaky and extremely sped up, you could barely tell what was even happening. The length of the film was a bit much for me, I remember checking the time over an hour into the film and realizing they hadn’t even begun building their teams. I prefer films a tad more dark, probably why I appeal to DC films over Marvel, Marvel has a tendency to be a bit more squeaky clean, but with that being said I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. The ending was pretty great, especially with being Team Cap, though really it was more Team Cap and Bucky. Perfectly opens up the movie to Infinity War.
I would recommend this movie, especially to Marvel fans. The movie was good, just had some weak points in my book. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should. If you have already seen Civil War, what did you think of the film?
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