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Get your six shooters out and welcome to the old wild west! Next Town Over is a stunning brilliant western webcomic, updated every Sunday, by Erin Mehlos.

As western stories become a lost art, this webcomic is attempting to bring the western back to entertainment. The story most certainly does not take place in the historical American west, but in a strange wild west with a bit of fantasy and steampunk elements.

Despite not being set in the historical old West of the American Culture and not having cowboys and Indians battles, Next Town Over does capture the spirit of western!

It primarily chronicles the curious rivalry twixt laconic, mechnically-inclined Vane Black and sorcerous rogue John Henry Hunter … and no: it most certainly doesnot take place in the historical American west.


This comic has a great storyline , intriguing characters with lots of mysteries along the way and each scene is shown with careful attention to details. The best part is the Mehlo’s artwork and the unique character models style and panels customization. The stylization on the frames, rarely seen in comics, adds more to the story as it brings the wild west style.

It looks stunningly beautiful and brilliant!

This webcomic is update every Sunday on the website, but you can also buy the stories in comic book format if you’d like.

If you are western fan, this is a fantastic comic for you.



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