Pokémon GO Field Testing comes to an End?

Early today on Reddit some Beta Testers was discussing about a message in their Beta app!

The message said:

“Thank you for field testing Pokémon GO! We will be soon!”


Does this means Beta testing is over and launch might actually happen at the end of July?

Not hardly!

Digging up on the conversation, this appears to be an error on the beta app. Some Beta Testers got this message and after restarting the game was back online and they are still playing.

Apparently this message started to appear after an update and might have been introduced by Niantic for later usage, perhaps to indicate a full release announcement.

Pokémon GO might be gearing up for a release next month or so but the launch date is still uncertain as no official announcement has been made by Niantic or Nintendo.

You can read the conversation at Reddit.


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