Possible Black Panther costume revisions for Solo Film

In previous Marvel films characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and others all received new costumes from movie to movie.  So its a pretty reasonable assumption to say T’Challa the Black Panther will costume variations.   After all the mantle of Black Panther is a mantle pass down from the leaders of the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda.

For all we know what we see here could be ideas thrown around for what Black Panther could look like in the upcoming Black Panther Solo film.  There is also a good possibility we could be brought to the Necropolis and either see the former Black Panther suits or we will see other Black Panthers in spirit form, because Black Panther does have access to and can communicate with all former Black Panthers before him for council, military tactics, advice or anything else he should desire to ask.

Here are the other images for your enjoyment.

bp-4 bp-11 bp-2

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Source: ComicbBookMovie

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