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The Red Mask from Mars is a comic book series centered on a former astronaut that somehow finds himself stuck with an alien life form latched to his face after a mission on Mars!

Created, illustrated and written by Vincent Hunt, this comic book series is fun, dynamic and brightly coloured. Origins Issue brings an amazing black-and-white-and-grey art style with the mask in red, bringing a good vibe like the famous Sin City series. Issue 1 evolved into a colorful masterpiece, amazing work by Shaun Dobie.

The series starts with “Origin” Issue, a 23 page comic book that sets the scenario for Red adventures. On a Mission to Mars, the former astronaut Douglas Stewart on a routine examination on the planet’s surface, separates from the group and encounters a strange parasite that seemed to be alive and all of a sudden it attaches to his face! But instead of killing him in a oddly manner, the alien life form gifted Doug with abilities, evolving him into a super-human to become a hero of mass destruction!

Welcome to Xenosphere, a private agency grouped to save the world against alien terror!

You can see how it all began for FREE on The Red Mask From Mars ‘Origin’ Issue.



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This Comic Book series has action, comedy and beautiful artwork. A great read, very amusing and vibrant!

  • Publisher: Raw Edge Comics
  • Writer: Vincent Hunt
  • Art: Vincent Hunt
  • Colors: Shaun Dobie
  • Genre: Action, Comedy Sci-Fi
  • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Story: 4/5
    • Art: 4.5/5
  • Issues: 3

You can buy Issue 1 and 2 at ComiXology. Issue 3 is coming out this August!

For more information, visit their website »

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