Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Vs Note 7: Similar yet different

      Some out there assume the Note 7 is another S7 edge with a stylus pen.


      Heck that’s what i thought at first but it isn’t that simple.


      Samsung mobile has undoubtedly taken over the market share this year and has done remarkably well in packing in some of the best features.


      So far, the S7 edge and Note 7 are probably the best feature packed devices money can afford right now. The question is which device is better?


      The reality of the matter is both devices were engineered to suit different market segments.


      Physical differences lie in their sizes in which the note 7 is about 3mm taller and 1mm wider and also weighs 12 grams heavier than the S7 edge.


      The Note 7 comes with a curved screen size of 5.7 inches of super amoled while the S7 edge comes with 5.5 inches of super amoled curved display on the edges as well.


      They are powered by similar specs-


      Note 7;


      – Snapdragon 820


      – 4GB Ram


      – 64GB Standard storage


      – Micro SD expansion


      – IP 68 water and dust proof


      – Wireless charging


      – 3500 mah battery

S7 edge;
– Snapdragon 820
– 4GB Ram
– 32 GB Standard storage
– Micro SD expansion
– IP 68 water and dust proof
– Wireless charging
– 3600 mah battery
The Note 7 wins in terms of storage capacity as the least storage it comes with is 64GB compared to the S7 edge which the least storage is comes with is 32GB although the S7 edge has a slight battery advantage.
Furthermore Note 7 comes with a Type-C USB but doesn’t make much of a difference because it isn’t much faster than a regular USB.
Their Cameras provide the same level of excellency.
The iris scanner is where the Note 7 drew the line against the S7 edge in which it provides a flawless biometric security that works in about a split second, however it has a hard time working if you have contacts ir glasses on.
And oh yes! The stylus pen which gives a little more functionality that sets the note series apart.
There are a couple of other minor features such as the always on display in which the Note 7 allows third party notifications to display although that is just an update away from the S7 edge.
Now here’s the big question:
Is upgrading from the S7 edge to the Note 7 worth for about an extra $100?
Here’s the thing, for Note 7 you get a stronger glass body (Gorilla 5), a type C connector, rich tone HDR video, 64GB of standard storage, an iris scanner and an S-pen.
Usually competitors like Apple only give you added storage for an extra $100 so in my opinion it isn’t actually a bad idea.

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All you gotta know is am more Android than Apple though i got both. Also more Xbox than PS though i got both.

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