Ghostbusters Sequel At Risk Of Not Happening

Say what you will about the Ghostbusters movie that was released this year, you can love it, you can hate it or you can be right down the middle in which you don’t really care. But one thing is certain, Sony is facing a write-off of about $70 million dollars. In terms you and I can understand, that’s a loss. So far in the US of A, Ghostbusters has made around $117 million and $180 million worldwide. Now, there are some countries in which the movie has yet to open, like France, Mexico and Japan, so there is a chance, albeit a slim one of it making a profit.

While a direct sequel might not happen, Sony did say that Ivan Reitman was working on an animated Ghostbusters property.

Ghostbusters 2016 courtesy of Sony Pictures
Ghostbusters 2016 courtesy of Sony Pictures


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