Maybe There Are A Lot Of Deleted Scenes From The Suicide Squad

There have been all sorts of rumors and speculation and even word(s) direct from the actors of the Suicide Squad, that a lot of the movie got left on the editing room floor (or hard drive!). Jared Leto said that basically and I’m paraphrasing here, that an entire movie could be made of what was cut out as far as the Joker alone. Some of the stuff that I’ve read on reddit and other places that had been cut, was a scene where Harley Quinn and the Joker get into it and it becomes physical. Well thanks to and Batman News, there is a least some confirmation in the form of a still from one of those deleted scenes below!

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Deleted Scene still from Suicide Squad
Deleted Scene still from Suicide Squad

The picture originated from Rolling Stone Brazil. The scene shows Harley and Joker in the helicopter after Harley’s rescue. It’s been speculated that the way the movie ended up in theaters, was edited to show some compassion, where Harley and Mr. J are definitely dysfunctional at best.

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Suicide Squad is in theaters now!


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