Arrow Season 5 Episode 2 : The Recruits Preview

The CW has released two clips for tonight’s episode of Arrow titled The Recruits. Previously Arrow was reluctant to heed the advise of Felicity, thinking his team will eventually come around to be with him again. There are new threats and new villains emerging from Starling City, Oliver Queen can’t be both mayor and vigilante at the same time. He reluctantly agree to take on a list of possible candidates Felicity compiled for him. Tonight episode will see these recruits being tested as well as testing the patience of Arrow. The flashback will also see Oliver Queen initiated into Bratva. Bratva is a powerful Russian Mafia Organization. Oliver Queen eventually become one of the highest ranking member in the organization due to the time in the island of Lian Yu where he saved the life of Anatoly Knyazev’s , leader of Bratva.

Arrow airs 8 pm EST Wednesday on The CW. Check your local listing.

Here are two clips for tonight’s episode.


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