The Flash Season 3 Premiere Episode : Flashpoint Trailers

The CW has released a few trailers for the premiere episode of season 3 of The Flash. Picking up where last season was left off that saw Barry Allen/The Flash(Grant Gustin)defying advises from his team not to temper with time line. Knowing Barry Allen, he just could not help himself but go ahead and did it anyway. Borrowing from the animated film Justice League : The Time  Flashpoint Paradox, the series starting off the season where Barry Allen’s parents are all well and alive in this new world. His previous relationship with the West family and teammates are altered. More importantly, Barry Allen will slowly lose all his previous memories and speed as he uses more of his power in the altered time.

Here is the official synopsis of The Flash Season 3 Flashpoint Paradox :

Barry is living his dream life – his parents are alive, he’s asked Iris West on a date and he can finally be a normal guy as Central City has another speedster, Kid Flash, running around saving the city. When Barry starts forgetting parts of his old life, the Reverse Flash (guest star Matt Letscher) taunts his nemesis and tells him that there will be serious repercussions for Barry and the ones he loves if he continues to live in this alternate universe. In addition to losing his memories, his powers will also start to fade. When disaster strikes, Barry must decide if he wants to continue to live in this world as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash.

The Flash season 3 returns tonight at 8 pm on The CW. Check your local listing.  Watch the trailers below.


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