Alien : Covenant Early Release Date And New Poster Revealed.

20th Century Fox has revealed a new poster for its upcoming sci-fi thriller Alien : Covenant. The film studio also announced the early release of the film. The original premiere date was set for August 4th 2017. instead Alien : Covenant will hit theaters on May 19th 2017. The long-awaited prequel to the box office hit Alien franchise first hit the theater in 1979, Aliens(1986), Alien 3(1992) and Alien : Resurrection (1997). Alien : Covenant is the second chapter of the prequel trilogy of Alien set after Prometheus(2012). It begins with the colony ship Covenant bound for an expedition in a remote planet far side of the galaxy. There the crew discover an uncharted paradise that turn out be a darker and dangerous territory. At the end of Prometheus, chapter one, the only sole survivor is the android David(Michael Fassbender-X-Men Apocalypse, Assasin’s Creed). Michael Fassbender will return to reprise his role as David as well as a new android Walter. Noomi Repace(The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is also returning as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Other cast includes Katherine Waterson(Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them), Danny McBride(Vice Principals), Billy Crudup(Spotlight, Watchman), Demian Bichir(The Hateful 8) and Guy Pearce(Iron Man 3, Moment0). Ridley Scott return as the director and Michael Green(Green Lantern, Smallville) and John Logan(The Gladiator, Spectre, Rango) are the screen writers.

Check out some of the images from the movie.

New Alien : Covenant Poster







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