Elf & Warrior by Andy Stuart Debuts on LINE Webtoon

Happy Wednesday Reading! Today, LINE Webtoon is debuting an all-new comic series from Andy Stuart, the comedic genius behind popular digital comic Behind the GIFs.

Andy’s latest series, Elf & Warrior, follows the adventures of a young, optimistic Elf named Basri and his Uncle Hector, a reformed (sort of) criminal in a unique fantasy setting full of strange monsters and magic.


Basri has wanted to be a hero for as long as he can remember, but unfortunately his Uncle and guardian Hector has different ideas about the way the world works. When a fight drives the two of them apart, Basri makes a go at the hero business on his own, only to accidentally set off a chain of events that will put the entire world in peril. With the help of his Uncle, he strives to put things right and learn what it really means to be a  hero.

Created by Andy Stuart and illustrated by Victor Rosas II, Elf & Warrior updates every Wednesday!

Start reading the first 3 chapters at LINE Webtoon.

We also recommend Andy’s first comic series, Behind the GIFs, a hugely popular comedy series that offers readers the hilarious backstories to some of the internet’s most viral GIFs.

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