Play Iron Man or Captain America Fireside Videos To Warm You Up This Winter.

Presented by Coca Cola, Marvel Entertainment had posted online fireplaces belongs to Captain America and Iron Man. Each video is an hour-long with sound effects of fire crackling and traffic in the background. Occasionally with Christmas jingles playing. For Captain America located in Brooklyn has a more rustic look. Perhaps the deco was inspired from the original era he was from. On the opposite end is Iron Man’s Manhattan more polish, contemporary, hi tech setting. Aside from the fire crackling  in the background you can hear occasional electronic beeping, helicopter and even jet flew by. Perhaps Tony Stark  is not a fan of any genre of music, the video is mostly background sound of fire crackling. For those who yearn for a fireplace to cozy up with your love ones during the holiday season, having either one of this video playing on your HD television screen might help enhance the mood? Check out both videos below.


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