Star Wars Battle Quad Drones

Still looking for that Christmas gifts for the person who has everything? If the individuals are into Star Wars and you got money sitting in your bank account waiting to be spent, look no further than the hot items of this season, the Star Wars Battle Quad Drones. These latest toys would make any Star Wars fans go giddy. They are packed with features. Even the box are fancy and sleek-looking with 3 D image. And when you open the box, there is Star Wars theme music and dialogue correspond with the vehicle from the actual movies. So far there is Tie Advanced X1 Battle Ship, T-65 X-Wing Star Fighter and 74-Z Speeder Bike. Millenium Falcon to follow soon. This quad drones will set you back for $199 US each and is free shipping for North America. For more information for these collectible and playable items visit the site by clicking here. Check out the awesome features of these drones video from the guys  of Vat19 below.







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