The Flash S03E09 : The Present – Mid-Season Finale Previews

The CW has released previews for tonight mid-season finale on The Flash. The episode titled The Present. Returning from the crossover dealing with the Dominator aliens, back in Central City, Barry(Grant Gustin) has to deal with more pressing matter in the form of Savitar, a god like villain with more speed and power. He had to travel to Earth-3 to consult Jay Garrick(John Wesley Shipp) how to stop Savitar. Wally(Keiynan Lonsdale) told Barry he will be training with Harrison Wells of Earth -19 (Tom Cavanagh). With Christmas approaching Cisco(Carlos Valde) is still not over losing his brother Dante(Nicholas Gonzalez) resulted from Flashpoint.

The Flash airs 8 pm EST Tuesday on The CW. Check out the previews below.


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