The OA Official Trailer – Netflix

Netflix has release the official trailer for its upcoming original series, The OA. The trailer gives the vibe of a psychological/sci-fi/mysterious thriller. The 8 one-hour episode series created by Brit Marling(I Origins, The East, Sound of My Voice)  and Zal Batmanglij(Sound of My Voice, The East). The OA tells a story of Prairie Johnson(Brit Marling) a blind girl who went missing for years and in her 20’s has returned to her small town with no visual impairment. Some members of the community call her recovery a miracle while other raised suspicious of her cure and her return.  Adding to the speculation is her refusal to tell her parents and the FBI what happened to her during the 7 years of her disappearance. All 8 episodes are directed by Zal Batmanglij. Other cast includes Scott Wilson(The Walking Dead), Patrick Gibson(Cherry Tree), Will Brill(The Eyes of My Mother), Jason Isaac(The Patriots), Emory Cohen(Brooklyn) and Alice Krige(Thor: The Dark World). The OA is set to premiere Friday, December 16th on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.


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