The Trip To Spain : Mick Jagger Clip

The Trip To Spain is the third installment of made for television comedy movie. The film follows two buddies, Steve Coogan(Philomena, The Secret Life of Pets, Despicable Me 2) and Rob Brydon(Cinderella, Would I lie To You) playing a fictional version of themselves traveling places for the purpose of dining experience in various restaurants. Steve was commissioned by the UK Observer to go on a restaurant tour but because his wife can’t come and everyone else were busy, he turn to Rob for the companionship on the road trip. As viewers, you certainly wanting to be the silent companions enjoying the mouth-watering food with the beautiful scenery and locations and listening to these two musing about people and lives they had experienced. Director Michael Winterbottom( 9 Songs, The Look of Love) is returning to direct. No words yet on the release date in the US, The Trip To Spain will release in UK sometime in 2017. I recommend you to check out the first two installment of the films,The Trip(2010) and The Trip To Italy(2014). Click here to purchase your own copy of the movies. Check out the clip below when the two impersonating Mick Jagger in The Trip To Spain.


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