How Disney Pixar Films Are All Connected.

Leaving Easter eggs on films is a side sport that filmmakers like to tease the viewers. Whether to pay homage to the universe within the context of the film or just a puzzle game with the fans, Disney Pixar Studios take it to the next level. The studios has released via its Toy Story Facebook page a montage of how all of their films are interconnected. It’s quite fascinating to see how an obscure object, character or scene could become an important part of the next film. Unless you are a super sleuth, I doubt many of us even aware of some of the recurring item or character appear on another movie. We are not talking about Marvel or DC universe that we at least have the comic books as reference. For a studio to have such a grand plan of connecting the dots of different universe with each film is indeed awesome for the viewers. Who knows what other characters or items will be a spin-off for the next blockbuster? Check out the video below.


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