Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S4E11 Promo : “Wake Up”

If you have not watch last night’s episode , Spoiler Warning Ahead!

ABC has released the promo for next week’s episode titled “Wake Up” for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. There was a few revelation from last night episode. Director Mace(Jason O’Mara) is not an inhuman rather a “steroid-up” human implanted into SHIELD by General Talbot(Adrian Pasdar). Mace was someone meant to be like Captain America in General Talbot’s plan but failed. In the end Agent Coulson(Gregg Clarkson) regained his directorship from behind the scene and keep Jeffrey Mace as the face of SHIELD. Team SHIELD is as fragmented as ever. Dr. Radcliffe(John Hannah) attempt to juiced up the real Agent May(Ming-Na Wen) suffered a temporary set back when she was briefly awake from her induced coma with no side effects. During the rescue mission of Director Mace, Agent Coulson and Mack(Henry Simmons), the LMD Agent May was wounded with a deep gash on her back. Up till this point the more advance LMD Agent May has no awareness of her “unhuman” existence. Her consciousness just assume the role of the real Agent May. Daisy(Chloe Bennet) walk in and almost saw the wired part inside of the wound of LMD Agent May. It won’t be long before SHIELD discover the real Agent May had been missing all along. While Agent Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) is not aware of the secret grant scheme behind Dr. Radcliffe, he has his own secret agenda working on the fake AIDA Mack had beheaded previously. That should prove to be the deal breaker of his relationship with Jemma(Elizabeth Henstridge) down the road.

On next week episode as the titled suggest, Agent May will wake up and find out what had happen to her and what is the sinister plan behind Dr. Radcliffe developing AIDA that put everyone’s life at risk.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesday 10 pm EST on ABC network. Check your local listing.



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