The Son Official Trailer – AMC

The Son is a new Western drama series by AMC based on the bestselling and Pulitzer Prize nominated novel of the same name by author Philipp Meyer. The series is created and written by Philipp Meyer, Brian McGreevy(The Island of Doctor Moreau, Hemlock Grove) and Lee Shipman(Hemlock Grove, The Island of Doctor Moreau). The Son tells the family saga of  the McCulloughs that span three generations. The patriarch of the family Eli McCullough(Pierce Brosnan) a good nature family man turn cold calculated killer. From riches to rag and rag to riches in a ranch and oil rich country. A series of flashback of his younger self Eli McCullough(Jacob Lofland) reveal how he has come to be. Eli McCullough has an elder son Pete McCullough(Henry Garrett) who lives in the shadow of his father wanting to be his own man yet needing approval. His strong-willed sister Jeannie McCullough(Sydney Lucas) trying to defy the traditional role of a woman where the society merely seen her as the property in the world she lives in. Eli’s ruthlessness pits him against his wealthy Spanish neighbor Pedro Garcia(Carlos Bardem)who is as power hungry that has deep seeded rivalry between the two families for generations. The ten-episodes drama series will have a two-hour premiere Saturday 9 pm EST April 8th on AMC and SundanceTV. Check out the trailer below.


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