We Know What Happens To Jar Jar Binks Thanks To Empire’s End: Aftermath

**This might be a spoiler, so consider yourself warned!**

In the new book from Chuck Wendig, titled Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End, we get a peek at what ultimately happens with Jar Jar Binks!

“On Naboo a street performer is making kids laugh in a refugee center. His name is Jar Jar Binks. Children love him, adults hate him, but the sad clown is burdened with guilt over granting emergency powers to Palpatine years ago. The Galactic Empire is all his fault, but he finds happiness in making children laugh.”

We also get a couple of hints at a couple of lingering questions, like the possibility of the origins of Supreme Leader Snoke, The First Order, who might be the Knights Of Ren, the fate of Wedge Antilles and Lumpy (Holiday Special) is canon!

Star Wars: Empire's End: Aftermath
Star Wars: Empire’s End: Aftermath

Aftermath: Empire’s End hits bookshelves on February 21st! As always, you can pre-order from Amazon below:


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