Mindhunter Teaser Trailer – Netflix

Mindhunter is a new crime drama series coming to Netflix this October. The series is base on the best-selling novel Mind Hunter : Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The executive producers of the series is lead by David Fincher(Gone Girl, The Social Network, Fight Club),  Charlize Theron(Mad Max : Fury Road, Snowwhite and The Huntsman), Joshua Donen(Gone Girl, Priest) and Cean Chaffin(The Social Network, Fight Club, Gone Girl). The cast of Mindhunter includes Johnathan Groff(Looking), Anna Torv(Fringe), Holt McCallany(Fight Club, Alien 3), Stacey Roca(Lie With Me, The Office) and Peter Murnik(Transformers: Dark of the Moon). Check out the teaser below.


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